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About Our Team and company

The team at Adoption Profile Designs is a couple with a background in sales and marketing, public relations and graphic design. More importantly, we’re adoptive parents!

Adopting our child was the greatest experience of our lives. It was also one filled with moments of anxiety! With piles of paperwork and home studies, background checks and applications, being able to create an effective but beautiful profile seemed like a major test to be done on the lengthy adoption to-do list.

We wanted to show a potential birth mother our lives in just a few colorful pages, providing her an honest snapshot of what we would offer her child. Deciding on what facts to include, which photos to select, even what color palette to use…there were so many choices!

When we really got to the heart of this, we arrived at one conclusion. With our career experience, this would be the most important marketing project of our lives. And it was!

It’s the same for you! And we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to assist you in the development of your family profile as you create your forever family. We discovered such a passion for adoption when we brought home our child, and if we can be a part of someone else’s journey to that amazing day, there’s just nothing much better than that!

This is your chance to show a birth mother (or birth parents) who you are, what makes you special, how you will create a family and provide endless love for a child.

As we said, our adoption experience was the greatest time of our lives. A story with a real happy ending. Let’s get started writing yours!

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